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20th April 2014

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Ebony Wants Sex here


Ebony Wants Sex here

24th August 2013



Image and mask by Brenda Clews.

Slip Away

As the Skrye turns the wind easy to your way. Lift your wings and slip through the cleave at first break. Into light take yourselves from the cave and flee to every direction. 

But if you remain, if you remain. Stay the mask of your device. Us it as your face. Use it as a shield, a helm, as a place to set the curves of you at night when you don’t need the darkness to know your name. 

As you spend your time on earth, this mask will become the shape of your prison. It will become the devision of your volition. It will become the name which you will give to the world. 

Slip through the cleave whenever the wind blows and slip away, again and again. Until each instance, shatters, covers the world with fragments of you. 

Until the fleshiness of you, is exposed, in the completeness of you for the first time.

As the Skrye scatters your bits like seed, like Ouranos’ blood, onto the land and sea, they will turn into Furies and the pleasures of Aphrodite’s breasts. 

They will come back to you and displace your senses. Describe a world you have never seen.

Blame you for for their delirious rampages and sexual sweets. And slip away, slip away on edge of a the knife. Returning again and again in the madness of dreams.

Slip through the cleave when first the shell breaks. Lift yourself through the widening crack. Take to any path, ride any wave and slip through any pain.

Get to the other side and slip away, slip away.

Your flesh is worthy, so do not hold it in disdain.

It is honest in that it breaks.

Unlike the shell, will heal and let you slip away again and again.
So don’t become the hardness. This is not a home. The earth will shake and shatter it.

So stay the flesh in fluid grace.

Be in the journey in which wisdom slides over you.

And slip away, slip away.

Poem by Jacq Albert, 2013, Image by Brenda Clews. 

Gratitude to Brenda for its use and 


21st March 2013

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Tom Waits


Tom Waits

21st March 2013

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Tom Waits | Blue Skies

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23rd January 2013

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The Illusion of Free Speech
“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum - even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.” ~ Noam Chomsky


The Illusion of Free Speech

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum - even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.” ~ Noam Chomsky

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20th January 2013


Since its beginning, mainstream Western psychology has limited the definition of mental health to the interpersonal context of an urban industrial society, marriage, family, work, school, community. All that lies beyond the citified psyche has seemed of no human relevance, or perhaps too frightening to think about. A mentally healthy Westerner is viewed to be someone who fits in well with their society and functions well within it. Therefore mental health in the West is based around the values we see in it at any present time which actually shift and change. Most of us largely conform to the social norms of our culture and to some extent we need to in order to fit into society and live in harmony with others, however this enculturation process is a main reason why we lose touch with our personal creativity and our authenticity. Modern Western society also has a tendency to create a victim mentality, putting limits on human behaviour and teaching us to rely heavily on the opinions of others. One of the myths very prevalent in Western society today is that if we accumulate more money and possessions then we will be happy. You only have to look at the majority of people’s lifestyles and the hours of work they put in to achieve this to see how prevalent this is. This lifestyle is often pursued to the detriment of personal relationships, health and well-being. Stress is increasing, personal debt is enormous as we are encouraged to spend more money pursuing this lifestyle, personal relationships are often short term, quality time is something people have to try to fit in at the end of a busy week, children demand the latest gizmo as if it is their right to have it. If you ask these people if they feel truly happy and fulfilled and are living a life of purpose and personal meaning they usually say they are not, in fact sadly a lot of people would not even understand the question. Far from having values which promote mental health Western society has values which promote mental breakdown. Having a breakdown is for many people one of the worst experiences they will ever go through. It can be a very frightening experience. A breakdown can take many forms, it may manifest as primarily physical or mental/emotional and you may share symptoms that are common with others but just as we are all unique individuals our breakdowns will be as unique as we are. You may take medication to make you feel better and this may help to some extent as it masks the external symptoms and allows you to cope in some measure, however it does not get at the real cause of the problem. 

The Buddhist view of mental health contrasts sharply in many ways. Buddhism states that 
frustration arises when people do not get what they strive for and when they are confronted with what they do not welcome. The task of avoiding this frustration can be approached in one of two ways, devoting time and energy to getting what you want and avoiding all things that are unpleasant to you, in other words trying to get the universe to conform to your will and expectations. Given that the universe is a large place and has a tendency for being notoriously difficult to bend to one’s will this strategy is likely to make you even more frustrated. The Buddhist view is that mental health is obtained by reducing one’s wishes and expectations and rather than seeking to rid the world of everything that one finds obnoxious one should rid themselves of the tendency towards finding things obnoxious in the first place, if successful you will be able to adapt your mentality to changing realities. This kind of mentality is open enough to have the capacity to heal oneself and benefit others, it is fit, healthy and flexible.

As we grow as people we can find courage for self inquiry and as we come to understand ourselves we come to understand others and the human condition, the essence of human compassion. We begin to understand our ego defences for what they are, past patterns that we once put in place in order to preserve our own sense of integrity and survival and to preserve our sense of self and which remain long after they have served their original purpose. To be fully human you need to embrace every aspect of your being just as it is at this particular moment in time whilst recognising that the person that you are today is simply a stage along the path of your growth and development. In every single moment you are perfect exactly as you are, however this does not negate the value of growth and personal change. The boundaries we place on our own potential, the limits we place on our abilities, the barriers we place between ourselves and others, all of these are man made. When we come to realise who we are in our essence all of these structures eventually begin to fall away. We all feel fear at some time during our lives and in various degrees. For some this is more difficult to overcome than it is for others. 

Both Western psychology and the Eastern traditions see the ego as a construction which has been fabricated. Western psychology sees the ego as a structure formed in early childhood to form a solid identity and which is a necessary part of the developmental process. Buddhism views ego as a construction of the mind which reinforces our self concept over and over again. In the Buddhist view ego is an activity rather than a structure which we use to grasp onto things that maintain our sense of self whilst rejecting things that we find threatening. Buddhism believes that it is this separate sense of self that causes suffering. Tibetan Buddhism has a concept to describe the functioning of the ego known as the Three Lords of Materialism. 

The Lord of Form is the neurotic preoccupation and pursuit of pleasure and comfort to enforce our sense of security by manipulating the material world. In other words it is our propensity to shield ourselves from the unpredictability of life by placing the focus on materialism.

The Lord of Speech is the neurotic tendency to categorise and label everything in order to provide ourselves with an identity. We create ideologies, theories, political parties, religions, rules that tell us how to behave and explanations of why things happen. We have need to interpret everything in order to make it feel less threatening to us but in doing so we create concepts that we use as filters which then block our true perception and we become unable to see beyond these concepts.

The Lord of Mind includes the neurotic use of psychological concepts and spiritual disciplines as a means of maintaining our sense of self. Some people use these theories and concepts to define themselves and give them a sense of personhood and identity. If the theory is then challenged in any way it shakes their foundation and they can feel threatened and no longer know who they are. In other words they loose their sense of identity within a theoretical concept, such as the Western definition of mental health. Ego can and will grasp at anything which promotes the sense of self and whilst there is nothing inherently wrong with examining approaches and applying tools to either yourself or others in the course of your life or work, to hang onto any of these too tightly is a form of ego neurosis which can actually prevent true development.

Barefoot Goddess - 11/25/2006

8th January 2013


“I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.” ~Booker T. Washington

7th January 2013

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25th December 2012


In Walmart, Americas largest gun seller, you can buy an assault rifle. but company policy bans pop music with curse words. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

In Walmart, America’s largest gun seller, you can buy an assault rifle. But company policy bans pop music with curse words.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

In Walmart, America’s largest gun seller, you can buy an assault rifle. But company policy bans pop music with curse words.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

23rd December 2012


When we are passive, we are loved by the universe.

When we are active are are loved more. 

When we giving we are loved best.

Jacq Albert, 2009

23rd December 2012

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There is a ghost which comes between us,

It lives in the space just before our eyes.

There is a ghost which comes between us,

It fills the world with subtle cries.

It lives in the shadow of hunger for despair,

Feeds on our sorrows and drinks our tears.

There is a sky that comes between us.

An infinite gap between the darkness and light.

Stars and wanderers glide through the night,

Turned mankind into prophets of time.

Above us we are witnessed by clouds.

Vapored thoughts and whispered words.

Screaming anger turned to storms.

A child’s tantrum in the infinite expanse.

Tears apart worlds.

Struggling gravities dance,

In the screeching brightness of a nova.

There is a hand that comes between us.

Holding the tools and shaping our lives.

Holding brush, holding chisel, holding pen,

Expressing truth or indulge in lies.

Closed hand, its anger,

It has held the mace, the spear, the bow and the gun. 

Used at madness’ gate to take innocent lives.

Act out wars.

Destroy entire tribes.

Opened hand, in love

Ever so gently wiped an infinite stream of tears 

from each others eyes.

Caressed sweetly in the night a lovers curve.

Turned that touch into a world without time.

 In gestures, it speaks a language,

Opening mute silence.

Poured sweet wine

There is a ghost 

Can come within us.

It live just behind the eyes.

The ghost of your face, your smile, your voice, your taste. 

The love of a child, a mother, a friend.

Never hungry, unless tis lost.

Never sadness, unless tossed.

Never a tear, unless tis tears of joy.

Knowing you are a part,

The journey forward. 

The ghost in the heart.

Jacq Albert, Dec2012

23rd December 2012


Brother Say Brother

Brother says to brother,

Stand aside, for I am mighty and shall beat you at your game today.

Then the world shall see that I am the greater of the two.

Brother says to brother,

You cannot but complain when have defeated you yet again.

All who know have seen me exact my fate

To be greater than thee.

To be mightier, stronger without constraint. 

Then brother said to brother.

Not today, 

Your time is past, 

I have risen to the challenge of your play.

Now at last I am great.

The world shall now witness my race.

And brother says to brother,

Do you not know,

You are but a flea biting softly below the knee.

With but a scratch, your bite will be gone.

And the memory of you will not last long.

Brother says to brother,

You are but an ape and I a man.

Your greatness but a dream from which I shall

awaken you with my hand.

Then you shall see that I have carried your sleeping weight.

My greatness will be written in this land.

Brother says to brother,

My story shall be written in the book of life.

All the gods and men to read of me.

And you shall always be but a mentioned of a flea.

Then Brother lifted hand.

Brother lifted hand.

Brother killed brother.

Brother killed brother.

This is how war began.

Their story was never written.

As It seems they were not so great after all.

Jacq Albert, Dec.2012